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“That’s a powerful ponytail, man…”

I thought I would try and show you guys a little peek at my process when drawing with markers. For this drawing I used only Copic Markers (which are wonderful, really!) from rough sketch to colors. I decided to draw Mickey Milkovich from Showtime’s Shameless for this study.

But before I go into that, here is the reference I used for my picture:


For my initial sketch, I used a light purple color and referenced a screenshot from Showtime’s Shameless. (I decided to draw Mickey Milkovich for this post!)



I forgot to take a picture before I started to add the blue and red on his shirt, but here is basically how I started my quick sketch out. And in all honesty I think the main reason I wanted to draw this was because I just realized that he made pizza rolls and I thought that was funny. :-D (that and I had always assumed he made cookies…)


Next I start to add some peachy colors for his skin. Mickey has pretty pale skin, so I try to avoid colors that are too dark!


Afterwards I go right to the face and hair and just use a really dark gray to define his features and flesh out the shape of his hair. Then with a warmer gray I add some contrast to define his shoulders and arms. I also add some messy flat colors to his oven mitt and the tray of pizza rolls!


Finally I add some fast, sketchy lines for the background. Since I wanted the main focus of this drawing to be Mickey I don’t use a dark color and I don’t put much attention to detail, just roughly draw out where things generally are.

And there we are! :-)


Anyways, I hope you guys like to see this! I really enjoy working straight with markers, because I think it is much easier to draw loosely. However, I decided not to use this technique with my comic because I wanted to be able to add focus and definition to particular details in it.



As untitled, insecure, Chloroform,

Title from here! (Hence the gray shirt…)

Hello anyone reading this!

As the weeks go by, the deadline for our final comic slowly creeps closer and the time for decisions is upon us…

While the idea of doing a dramatic art or monomyth for my final comic was very tempting, I had not really considered going another route. So when Dr. Dru was lecturing about kishōtenketsu  as an option, I knew I had found my niche.

While I do enjoy the action driven story lines, I feel like my comic will be focused more on a character-driven plot. I think it would definitely be interesting to explore the “slice-of-life” aspect that comes with this kind of story structure and something that will be (hopefully) both challenging and enjoyable. Thus far, I have decided that the comic will center around some sort of mundane (as mundane as the supernatural can get) tasks that my werewolf character, Kieran, goes about. So below I have included some sketches of how I am hoping to draw him in my comic, as well as a little sketchy possible idea of the comic itself. Color-wise, I think I will keep him with more of a brighter skin-tone like the colored right doodle than the lighter version on the left.

Has anyone else thought about doing a kishōtenketsu-based comic as well?




— Ashley

p.s. If anyone was curious, I used some copic markers to color, as well as a prismacolor brushpen and a pentel aqua brush filled with sumi ink to line! :-)