Hellboy Seed of Destruction


Hellboy is a comic about a “Demon” that sprang from a portal during a Nazi experiment to bring old gods to the earth.  The plot revolves around Hellboy finding out who killed his “father”. I choose this comic because I like the use of shadows and simplistic details that I want to use for my comic.  The action scenes especially the ones where he is jumping and being thrown show that the panels should be open to the movement that is being made.  For instance Hellboy throws a frog creature down and jumps after him. The panel that is used stretchs from the top of the page to the bottom limiting the view to his movement and where he will eventually land. The use of shadows in the comic made me realize that there is a 3d world that must go on in the artists head the sun is at one angle and must remain at that angle to look like the light is natural.  When Hellboy and his companions stand at the door the sun highlights their backs and covers the right side of their face when the camera is pointing at them and when the camera points to someone at the door the light is on the left side of her face giving the illusion that the sun is coming from that direction.  The fighting scenes in Hellboy don’t always show the maximum amount of action or impact, most of them show a struggle.  For instance in one fight scene with the monster the panels show the after affect of the punch and a wrestling match of position.  When Hellboy is winning he stands higher than the monster and the same goes for when the monster stands over Hellboy. The final thing that I took away from Hellboy and the one that I am most impressed with is that Hellboy’s eyes are only drawn in one or two panels in the rest they are covered in shadow.  What this does for the character is make him sinister, even when he is doing good,  it hints that there is something in him that is dark.

Written by Mike Mignola and John Byrne Miniseries colors: Mark Chiarello Cover Colors: Dave Stewart Short story colors: Matthew Hollingsworth Publisher:Dark Horse Books

Source: Hellboy Seed of Destruction: Third Edition


Midnight Nation Review


By: Ti Louchart

Midnight Nation is the classic Supernatural tale of man chases leads, man gets his soul ripped out by goblins, man wakes up in hospital to find a crazy woman telling him she’s probably going to kill him. Midnight Nation was written by J Michael Straczynski it is about a police detective, David Grey, who has his soul ripped out.  He is shadowed by a mysterious woman named Laurel and must deal with his new life living in a world between worlds.  The idea for this came form J’s walks through bad city streets and seeing the contrast in worlds between night and day.  When he would walk at night a whole different group of people would come out like an invisible world right underneath people’s eyes.  The story at some points can be hindered by a lot of unnecessary dialogue that could just as easily be shown rather than told.  The villain of the story is the worst offender of this at times spouting his own beliefs at the protagonist.  I found that a lot of the imagery made enough sense that it got the point across at what the characters believed and were going through.  The characters were all deep and thoughtfully crafted I liked all of them except for the villain who looked like he came out of a 80’s film.  The art is gorgeous just the beginning panels have so much to them. The first panels are a crime scene with a police car in the background with each panel containing either a blue or red light background.  There are a lot of details that might go unnoticed in the first read through really unimportant things that add to the atmosphere. There is a scene where he is being chased and in the car of the chaser is a little Virgin Mary statue.  When there is a flashback to David and his wife a broken window next to David and his wife walking away explains the entire relationship in one panel.  Graffiti lines the streets of the city in almost every panel.  The details make it a great visual story.

Midnight Nation is great 10 outta 10. Don’t read it, it gives you a better understanding of the human condition, I didn’t ask for that.

Pencil: Gary Frank Inkers: Jonathan Sibel, Jason Gober, Jay Leisten Colorist:  Matt Milla

Publisher: Joe’s Comics

Publication: OCT. 2000 – JUL. 2002

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Source: Midnight Nation