Character Development

I wanted to share some of the character development work I’ve been doing for my comic. I’ve been trying to draw my characters from different perspectives so that when I go to draw my comic in photoshop, I can work from these existing sketches and keep some continuity in character design throughout the comic.

My comic is a children’s story about a little boy and his teddy bear which gets lost, and the resulting journey the bear takes.



I wanted the little boy to be around 6-8 in age which is why I ended up with him standing at only about 2 1/4 heads tall, and with a larger head. For both characters I tried to work from a base of circular and oval shapes, for easy replication and better continuity.

I’m planning on taking my characters from sketches into the computer and then cleaning them up and coloring them digitally. I did a rough of the little boy in Photoshop just to start play with the kind of color and look I wanted to go for.


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