Honey and Clover


The author: Chika Umino

Data: April 2000~ July 2006

Publishing company: Shueisha

This is my favorite girls’ comic. The story is about five art college students in their love triangles and especially unrequited love. Not only their love, but the story also includes graduating from college, finding job, and learning more about themselves.

I think in general girls comics, those characters shows their desire to catch their loved one. However this comics does not have such characters so many, and they always try to find themselves through their love. Compared to other girls’ comics, the mood is embarrassing or uncomfortable because the characters are too innocent. However I think this is the one having such mood and funny scenes with cute drawing.


And related to this week’s lecture, this author, Chika Umino, did doujin activities before her debt as a comic artist.p1-1


Otake culture is getting to be accepted, and publishers find many talented persons.



Left side images are from their doujinshi, right side images are their original comics. Both artists are from doujin activities. It is clear that doujin is widely accepted and it means people can easily get opportunities to show their abilities. And some official artists do doujin activities after their debt.


It is interesting to know that some official artists are also fan of something through doujin activities, but I think famous artists could influence (good or bad) on people and media. Dojin is like a tacit agreement, I think getting too much attention could cause being blamed.

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