One-Panel Cup of Joe

When making the one-panel work of art, I decided to try a new technique that I have been wanting to use: coffee. You can use coffee like watercolor with a paintbrush and a cup of joe. You can layer the coffee to get nice splotchy looks, just like you would watercolor. Now, there really isn’t any artistic benefit to using coffee instead of watercolor. However, I figured that I only want to use watercolor/coffee for the texture in the shadows and I can color the characters in later, I figured that coffee is a much cheaper alternative for expensive watercolors. And it works just as good!


What I did was I took a picture of the one-panel picture, and I used a filter on my phone to make it black and white. However, that made the white more grey, and caused problems later on with photoshop. I think I’ll just use the picture of the coffee and lower the saturation so that I keep the white.


Next, I put the black and white picture into photoshop, where I played with filters and masks to get the colors right. I created a white gutter around the picture, because I didn’t want the page to bleed.

000 copy

And this is my finished piece! If you have any questions, just ask!


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