Response to Priya’s Shakti

Among the comics we had to read for class this week I must say that I really enjoyed Priya’s Shakti. I really liked it because it was very different from a lot of comics and stories that are out there.

The story combined magic and fantasy with the horrors of real life events that happen in this world every day. I found it to be very empowering and encouraging as being a woman myself it made me realize how much power, intellect and talent us women have to offer the world.

I also realized how much I can take for granted such as being educated let alone college educated. Here where I am from most people go to school, get their degrees and go on with their life. But the part in the story where Priya wanted so desperately to be educated to become a teacher made me think how many people feel that way in many parts of the world and here I am stressing over an exam. I know I am fortunate and blessed. With that being said not only do many people not have that opportunity of getting an education but women have it especially hard. In a lot of cultures women are to keep to their traditional role as homemaker, wife and mother. Yes, women can certainly do that but there is so much more to us. This character Priya had the courage to speak up without shame of what she wants to become though there were many obstacles in her way.

Even though Priya is a comic story chartacter she proves to be so much more than that to so many people. She is powerful and helps give women strength when they need it the most.

Another issue she confronts does not discriminate between different classes but a problem women from all walks of life can relate to, rape.

Priya comes from a part of the world where the victim is shamed, damned and dirty in sexual assault. Though she is the victim who was innocent and helpless, she will be humiliated and frowned upon. But in the western world women can still easily feel that way too. Women can feel it was all their fault and they hold no value. If only in the real world we can call help from a great goddess who gives us power of the divine to help us turn our problems around. But in the end the message that Priya is sending to all women is to search for our own inner power and goddess, get the courage to speak up with no shame and standing for what we believe in because if nobody starts that than it will never take place.

Priya mentions in the story that equality, respect and value of each other make for a stronger society that will have less problems. Humans have so many great qualities and we as a race have so many wonderful things we can do in this world but we are also capable of the most disturbing nightmares. Why these terrible things happen is beyond my comprehension but little by little people can stand up for their rights with respect, dignity and no shame and the world will start going in a more positive direction. Nothing will ever be perfect since perfection does not exist but improvement is just the beginning to a new positive road of life and hopefully it will only get better.

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