Meet the Artists 2015

Yasmine Abdallat
Macaroni Pony (Pencil, Ink Sharpie, Markers)

I wanted to do a couple of different things with my work. First, I love animals, especially horses, for they are my passion in life, so I just had to do a story that incorporates them in it. I want my art work, whether comic book, painting, photography or ceramics, to come from personal and sentimental inspiration. Macaroni Pony is the main character and he shares physical and/or personality traits with all my horses. In my comic, each one of my horses, and my dog, make a cameo or a small part of the story. Some events in the story are based off of personal experiences of mine at the stables and horse shows (except the fish part) that I thought would make a unique comic. I have always wanted to do children’s stories, so I gave it a very childlike quality. I wanted the comic to emulate a child’s coloring book that a kid had colored.


NaziaBioPhotoNazia Athar
The Adventures of Spaceboy and Schmoop Boop (Digital)

Originally I wanted to do a very serious comic, but one day during Geology class I drew this one panel of a little spaceboy and a robot on a comet. I was instantly drawn to it and thought up an entire background and plot for my characters. For my main characters, Spaceboy and Schmoop Boop, I wanted them to have warm colors and round features to show the difference between them and the aliens. My aliens, M’lem Floo, the space cow and the Catragon all have three eyes, pointed features, and cool colors. I hope you guys enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed drawing it!


AshleyAshley Cruz
Starlight (Micron Inking, Copic Markers)

Last year my mom took a trip to see her family in Mexico and took around a month off to be with her. I am sure she wishes the trip could have lasted longer, but I thought that she couldn’t get home fast enough.

When I went to pick her up at the airport, it felt like I could relax. I was happy but also relieved to have her back home. And when we were given our project to make a comic, my mind immediately went to this memory.

My characters are a werewolf and vampire, but I kept them as supernatural because I thought it was a playful emphasis on how almost everyone has had these feelings of anxiety and relief when being reunited with a loved one. I hope you enjoy the comic! :-)

Francesca DominguezFrancesca Dominguez
The Mighty Win (Ink)

I was inspired by Calvin & Hobbes and Winnie the Pooh because they really give the reader the essence of childhood, which is what I was trying to depict. I wanted my comic to be kid-friendly and something they could enjoy and look up to. My ultimate goal is for kids or adults to see themselves in Winston and realize that even though the world is scary, we can all be brave superheroes at heart.

AustinBioPhoto_V2Austin Harris
The Crusher (Pencil and Digital)

The Crusher is an adventurous comic book about a superhero, called The Crusher, who uses his superpowers to fight outlandish criminals and protect civilians. This comic is a fusion of pencilings and digital images and black and white in a traditional superhero comic form of storytelling.


Riko Isobe
From Me to You (Watercolor)

I wanted to express dilemma and trouble between young people, and their cleanness and freshness peculiar to them. I also wanted to draw them trying to solve it with force.

Tiberius Louchart
Love the Devil (Pen)

TiLouchartBioPhotoA lot of research went into making it, based off of Paradise Lost and more in-depth research from other sources including Elaine Pagel’s The Origin of Satan. Satan has from the very beginning been considered an angel. Early Hebrew writers referred to him as an angel of obstacle, the accuser in Job is named a Satan an adversary, accuser, or slanderer who puts struggles in Job’s way to prove that he is righteous.



BriBrianna Mercier
Little Red and the Wolf (Pencil, Ink, Coffee Stains, and Adobe Photoshop Elements 9)

Someone once told me that it’s impossible to have an unreliable narrator in a comic. So I decided to make one.



JasonPhotoJason Oberg
Pagliacci (Photography, Digital)

Based on the old comics joke about the sad clown made popular by Alan Moore, Pagliacci takes a look at the depressive state that is rampant amongst comedians. After many revisions and medium changes I decided to use photography in order to illustrate the comic. Photography gives great control in terms of what angles you want to use, in addition to detail … not to be forgotten, photography is extremely useful for people whose drawings look like that of a child’s.

ElizaElizabeth “Eliza” Roemisch
Raisins (Watercolor, Ink Pen, and Digital)

This comic is a story about love of yourself and a dislike of raisins and age. It took blood, sweat and tears, and the majority of my energy went into the watercolor portion of it. I focused on the characters — they are based on real people and I wanted them to come alive.

BrycePhotoBryce Woodell
Death (Digital)

Follows a death deity as he struggles with his job and with finding his meaning in life. My character was inspired by one of my favorite bands, Neck Deep, and my story was inspired by philosophical debates I had this year.