…And Justice For All

Here’s …And Justice For All by Metallica to set the mood.

The Daredevil Netflix series came out a few weeks ago and I recently just finished watching the first season and am suffering from withdrawals. I thought I’d try drawing Daredevil and Matt Murdock so here’s the step to step process of my drawing.

dd and mm step 1

1. I started off with a sketch and sort of cheated by using the symmetry tool. It can be very useful when you want it to be. I always start off my sketches with a different color other than black. I tend to use lighter colors and sometimes I lower the opacity if I really need to.

dd and mm step 2

2. I drew over the sketch with a darker outline but the opacity is still pretty low. I always start off with drawing the face and try to get it as similar to the character as much as I can. I actually did not use any reference pictures so it was pretty frustrating. I hope it remotely resembles Charlie Cox’s face haha

dd and mm step 3

3. I continue outlining with the darker color (still with low opacity so that I can see the sketch underneath). I start drawing the clothes and try to keep it as clean as I can because outlining over super sketchy drawings can be a hassle. Also why are suits so difficult to draw?!

dd and mm step 4

4. Now I start my real outline with the darker black. This is where making clean lines really counts or else it’ll look gross. Also I just added the beard and the detail in the hair.

dd and mm step 5

5. I accidentally skipped over the coloring of the skin, but I use the same process for coloring skin, hair and clothes. I start off with solid colors first. Then I use another layer over it with a different brush with is, I guess, sort of bristly. Over my solid base I start shading the outer areas with a much darker shade, then color inside with a really light shade and then fill in the areas with the original shade to smooth it out.  I usually just keep doing this until I think it looks fine.

dd and mm1

Here is the finished product! I thought I’d add a background and as you can see from step 5  to the finished drawing I changed how the scales and sword looked and their placement. I think it looks much better now. I hope you guys like it!

I used Daredevil from the Netflix series and Daredevil belongs to Marvel Comics.