“That’s a powerful ponytail, man…”

I thought I would try and show you guys a little peek at my process when drawing with markers. For this drawing I used only Copic Markers (which are wonderful, really!) from rough sketch to colors. I decided to draw Mickey Milkovich from Showtime’s Shameless for this study.

But before I go into that, here is the reference I used for my picture:


For my initial sketch, I used a light purple color and referenced a screenshot from Showtime’s Shameless. (I decided to draw Mickey Milkovich for this post!)



I forgot to take a picture before I started to add the blue and red on his shirt, but here is basically how I started my quick sketch out. And in all honesty I think the main reason I wanted to draw this was because I just realized that he made pizza rolls and I thought that was funny. :-D (that and I had always assumed he made cookies…)


Next I start to add some peachy colors for his skin. Mickey has pretty pale skin, so I try to avoid colors that are too dark!


Afterwards I go right to the face and hair and just use a really dark gray to define his features and flesh out the shape of his hair. Then with a warmer gray I add some contrast to define his shoulders and arms. I also add some messy flat colors to his oven mitt and the tray of pizza rolls!


Finally I add some fast, sketchy lines for the background. Since I wanted the main focus of this drawing to be Mickey I don’t use a dark color and I don’t put much attention to detail, just roughly draw out where things generally are.

And there we are! :-)


Anyways, I hope you guys like to see this! I really enjoy working straight with markers, because I think it is much easier to draw loosely. However, I decided not to use this technique with my comic because I wanted to be able to add focus and definition to particular details in it.